SinuSalt Device and Sachets Combo

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The SinuSalt device performs nasal irrigation in a quick and easy manner for both adults and children. It features a 250mL flexible bottle that allows you to prepare a saline-based solution and then propel the liquid out into the nostril by squeezing the bottle. The pressure is easily controlled by hand. The conical shape of the nasal adaptor is specially designed to adapt to any nostril and seal it externally, allowing the SinuSalt saline solution to go into the nose. With the SinuSalt device, the nasal irrigation is performed easily, allowing the liquid to penetrate into the nasal passages and sinuses, carrying secretions and excess mucus toward the outside, and exit through the opposite nostril.

The SinuSalt Device and Sachet Combo includes:

  • 1 Device (includes bottle with 26 sachets and instructional leaflet)
  • 1 SinuSalt sachet box containing 40 sachets